7 Things To Look For At A Dance Studio

We of course hope that each every dancer comes to Sandra’s School of Dance to discover their love for dance.  But we also understand there are a lot of studios to choose from.  Here are 7 basic things that ALL DANCE STUDIOS should have!

Don't Miss These Things

1. Greetings

Were you greeted? Was the staff warm and welcoming? 

We have a designated front desk staff member waiting to greet everyone coming through the door, especially your dancer.  We also have a studio office manager available to take payment, answer account information, and of course get outfits and dance shoes sized correctly.  Each on of our amazing dance instructors meet dancers with smiles and of course give you constructive criticism after class to help build your dancer’s ability.


2. Qualified Teachers & Staff

Are the instructors prepared and organized in the class? Is everyone aware of their part in keeping the school running? 

All of our staff are trained and encouraged to be READY for all things dance.  Many of our instructors are still learning and maintain their discipline by attending dance instructor classes nationally, going over new techniques and approaches to the “TODAY”  dancer.


3. Informative & Organized

Were your questions thoroughly answered in a timely manner? Were you made a priority by office staff when you had a question or concern? 

Every dancer can first hand tell you the amount of information they are given when enrolling.  From our COVID19 release policies to our tuition, releases, and recital packets.  We love when our parents are informed!


4. Professional

Do classes look structured and not chaotic? Do students look happy? Are dance skills taught consistently? 

We have a combined teaching experience of over 150 years at Sandra’s School Of Dance.  We pride ourselves on the ability to keep dance classes structured and fun.  Our enthusiastic faculty can keep the energy high and smiles on all hour long!


5. Safe Studio

Does the building look safe? Does it  have one entrance and one exit, and the office staff is aware of who is coming and who is going? Do they have  readily available covid policies?    

SSD has one entrance and exit (not including fire/emergency exits) that allow kids to be kept safely within the studio.  Our facility is a standalone building that does not have to share any space with non child oriented businesses.  Our security system keeps dancers inside the rooms, halls and outside closely monitored – one more layer of safety for your children!


6. Clean Studio

Are the facilities in good repair and maintained properly? 

Anything with children will get messy!  Our bathrooms and locker rooms are checked hourly by our staff and maintained regularly throughout the day!  With Covid we have maintained a high level of cleanliness per CDC and State guidelines.  You can read more here SSD Policies and on everything we are doing to help fight the battle on COVID.


7. Not Overcrowded of Empty

Are classes filled and in demand but not so crowded that students aren’t able to receive the instruction or attention needed?

Sandra’s has developed a schedule that compliments many families and does not overcrowd the classes.  We never over load a teacher.  If there are more kids in a class we ALWAYS will have an assistant there to help keep students attention.  All of our assistants are from our pre-professional competitive team and excel in leadership and  team oriented skills.