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You all have spread the word!  You have told your friends, family members and co-works the things you love about Sandra’s School Of Dance – the great curriculum, the caring teachers, all the smiles and fun during each class – You all have seen the value and life skills nurtured in each class.

Below are a few thoughts/stories we would love to share!

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Stacy Smith Ledford - Parent/Google Review

My daughter has been dancing at SSD for two years now, we’ve spent the last year on the competition team and I couldn’t ask for a better dance studio. The family environment is amazing, welcoming and beneficial for the students. My daughter, even though only 5, has blossomed at Sandra’s. Her self confidence is incredible and the instruction and motivation provided by the teachers is priceless. I love that gymnastics is incorporated to the classes, not only is she learning ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop, she is learning the correct way to do gymnastics.

I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking. Sandra, the owner and her staff are amazing.

Caitlyn May - Graduated Dancer/Google Review

I danced at Sandra’s School of Dance for 15 years. The staff and teachers are supportive and caring about the students while providing a technical dance education. The competition team at Sandra’s provided me with friendships and experiences that helped shape me not only as a dancer but as a person. Sandra’s School of Dance is a great studio for dancers of all ages and levels.

Monica Gonzales - Parent/Google Review

My daughter has been taking classes at Sandras for 5 years and ABSOLUTELY loves it. The staff is so caring, professional, and are true role models. They take the time to know each child individually which sets them apart from other studios. I’d highly recommend this studio for students of all ages.

Sandra Marez - Parent/Google Review

My daughter has been here for 8 months and she has enjoyed ever second of it. I enjoy how well they communicate with the parents and how interactive they are with the small kids. I recommend this place 100% to anyone who is looking for a well instructed dance school.

Stacy L. - Parent/Yelp Review

Sandra’s School of Dance is an amazing school with caring, dedicated, talented and knowledgeable teachers.  

My daughter (5) has been going to Sandra’s for 2 years now. She started with the 3 year old combination class (ballet, tap & gymnastics) and is now doing hip-hop, ballet, tap, gymnastics and on the competition team.  I am very impressed by the learning environment Sandra and her staff provide for the children.  It is safe with positive reinforcement and they don’t rush through class overlooking those that may need a little help.  My daughter has learned the ballet positions, terms and forms from Ms. Sandra and the way she teaches is so kind and patient.  

Not only has my daughter gained self confidence through dance, she has learned so much in a short time (that she has retained) and made some great friends.  I am highly recommending this school to anyone who is looking for a dance studio.  The education your child will receive here is priceless.

Katie J. - Parent/Yelp Review

We love Sandra’s for our little 2 year old going on 3.  First we attended the 2-3 year old dance class which is more like circuit training, but FUN! Parents lead the kids through activities that encourage balance and following instructions.  Now our little one is in the 3 year old dance group which is an hour long and included 1/3 time ballet, 1/3 time tap, and the rest of the class time in the gymnastics room which is where the trampoline, balance bar, monkey bars are located.  Parents are encouraged to stay out of site for this one so as to not distract the kids. Our little one loves to go every Saturday morning and we love that she is doing something active and learning in the process.  Sandra and her team are GREAT with the kids.  Patient and helpful.  Highly recommend.

Leena V. - Parent/Yelp Review

Sandra’s School of Dance has been around for more than 27 years and although we were only stationed in Albuquerque for 3 years, my daughters enjoyed attending classes at Sandra’s for the 2 of the 3 years we were there.

Both my daughters attended the 2-year-old program which involved parent support.  The 45 minute class included tumbling, music, and pre-school enhancement skills (counting, letters, etc.).  Sandra provided an attentive environment and did not let the children get away with too much so they were able to benefit from the class; she encouraged them to participate as much as possible.  Although at this age, every child is different, my kids were definitely not the best participants and had their days of tantrums during class, so it is hard to expect a lot out of them.  They did retain their tumbling moves, the songs sang, and the numbers and letters recited; so the class definitely benefited them.  It is also a great way to interactively spend time with your kids.

My eldest daughter attended the combination class for one year, before we moved, which included ballet, tap, and tumbling for an hour.  The different dance genres did not let my daughter get bored, which was a great concern of mine since she tends to not listen when she is bored.  She enjoyed the class and learned the different names of the steps as well as retained this knowledge when we moved to Ohio.  I believe this class and school gave her a great start to her current dance school.

Another plus side of this dance school is that they only do recitals every other year, so if you are worried about the cost of costumes, this helps, especially if your child dances in more than one class.  The year we had a recital it was in the Kiva Auditorium and it was pretty impressive.

All in all, if you are looking for a great, reputable dance studio, look no further.

Kira Dimartino. - Teacher/Choreographer/Facebook Review

I’ve been blessed enough to be a part of the Sandras school of Dance Family for 25 years. The school is the best in New Mexico and has always been ahead of its time.. Sandra provides a loving environment but produces champions by bringing in top notch teachers in the industry in addition to an awesome staff.

Chantel Sanchez - Parent/Facebook Review

I have 4 daughters who dance at Sandra’s. My kids have done all. of. the. activities. They have cheered, done gymnastics, soccer, choir, drums… everything. This dance school is by far the best place EVER! And we have been to a lot of kids schools for activities. They are kind, patient, and easy to warn with. And my girls have learned so so much. Definitely the best dance school in town!!!

Jane McCoy - Parent/Facebook Review

Our son danced at Sandra’s for 14 years. The technical training is fantastic and the studio excels in many styles of dance. Teachers and staff truly care for the kids. We wouldn’t have gone anywhere else!!!

Jacalyn Anness - Grandparent/Facebook Review

My granddaughters have been with Sandra’s School of Dance for a very long time. They enjoy every moment they spend there and have had so many wonderful dance experiences. Since I am from out of town, when in Albuquerque, I spend a lot of hours there and am amazed how organized this studio operates. I am so thankful that my granddaughters have this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful dance family.