We strive to provide our Company students with the experience and opportunities on a higher level consistent with those dancers and schools in larger cities with more competitive dance environments. We provide a disciplined, challenging, and structured environment for these students to fully excel and reach their potential.

We function on the following values:
  • Offering innovative learning strategies to push our students to a higher level of technique and performance skills while fostering individual artistic expression.
  • Providing a competitive, yet supportive environment for our students as they continue to progress.
  • Fostering personal responsibility and independence in our students during their training and skill attainment
  • Creating long-term goals on individual and group levels and striving towards those goals during weekly classes.

Our Companies

Itty Bittys

The Itty Bitty Company is our youngest Competitive Company, ages 3-4. These young dancers perform one routine at a few competitions throughout the year in New Mexico. The class requirement for this level is a Combo 1 or 2 class and a 45 minute Company class once a week.

Itty Bittys also have the option of adding a hip-hop/gym combo class to their schedule. During their Company class, these dancers will work on the introductory skills for a Competitive


The Petite Company is comprised of our 5-6 year old dancers. The Petite Company trains weekly in either a Combo 2 or 3 class and has the option to add hip-hop and gymnastics.  Petites compete one or 2 routines locally in New Mexico. Petites also have an hour long Company class once a week to work on the following skills:

● Building Confidence in Class and on Stage
● Learning Performance Quality
● Developing Independence and Becoming Comfortable on Stage
● Learning How to Work as a Team
● Building Relationships with Faculty and Teammates

Rookie & Mini

Our Rookie and Mini Companies consist of our 7-9 year old dancers. These are our youngest traveling Company dancers. These dancers will travel to 1 or 2 out of town Competitions and compete locally in New Mexico in about 3-4 competitions. They will also attend Conventions and Workshops. Each dancer in the Rookie and Mini Company are required to take Ballet and Jazz weekly with the option to add on Hip-Hop, Tap, and Gymnastics. Although we firmly believe that home studio training is the most important goal for this age group, we also want to expose these dancers to the outside dance world. Our goals for the Rookie and Mini Companies are:

● Developing Age AppropriateTechnical Abilities in Class and on Stage
● Combining Technique and Performance Quality
● Learning How to Maintain Focus in Class and on Stage
● Developing a Commitment to their Team and their Training

Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen & Senior Companies

These Companies consist of our most advanced dancers in each age group ages 10-18. They train extensively in ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, and ballroom.

Our professional faculty of teachers and choreographers work with these dancers weekly to offer them the most innovative dance training in New Mexico. These dancers maintain the most intense training schedule our school offers with up to 12-15 hours per week.

If you are interested in joining one of our Companies, please contact our school!

505-292-0318 or [email protected]